Customized Facial Treatment: 75 min. $89

Facial Treatment (men and women) will be tailored to the client’s skin type, need and sub condition and will include a mask, muscle stimulating massage eyes and lip treatment.

Teen Facial Treatment: 65 min. $65

Teen facial treatment will include extractions as needed depending on how surface dry the skin is. The skin will be prepped by nourishing it and feeding it first to insure the integrity of the skin stays in tack.


Facial Treatment with Microdermabrasion: 75 min. $125

Includes a customized facial treatment to your skin type and sub condition. This will include a mask, muscle stimulating massage, eyes and lip treatments along with the microdermabrasion. This will ensure the skin is prepped and ready for this physical type of exfoliation.


Customized Facial treatment with a chemical peel: 75 min.  $125

This service includes the customized facial treatment and either a lipid based brightening peel or a glycolic acid peels based on the skin’s need and aimed outcome.


Hug and Hydrate Facial Treatment: 60 min. $40

This unique facial treatment are for those who are receiving Chemotherapy or radiation treatments. (Client must bring in a signed letter from their treating physician stating they can have a facial treatment along with ALL current medications) I am Oncology trained and certified to work on Cancer patient’s skin. This facial treatment is all about restoring the skin back to its optimized hydration level and to cause the client to relax and receive some TLC.


Face, Neck and Decollete Massage: 30 min. $30

This massage is all about stimulation, circulation and muscle toning which aids the lymphatic system. This stimulating massage gives your skin that youthful glow ans tone we all want.


Back Skin Cleansing and Hydration Treatment: 65 min. $65

This is a customized facial for the back using products for the client’s skin type and extractions if needed.


Scalp Massage: 15 min. $25

This is an ALL over and thorough scalp massage which included aromatherapy.

Scalp Stimulating Massage Therapy Treatment: 30 min. $40

A scalp stimulating treatment which includes a scalp stimulating serum and red LED therapy which also aids the scalp


Hands or Feet Treatment: 30 min. $30

Feet or hands massage includes a cleansing scrub, warm towel and moisturizing cream


Brow or Upper Lip Waxing: 25 min. $15

Shaping and waxing both brows $15

Upper Lip waxing $15

Full Face Waxing Service: 45 min. $40

Includes removal of facial hair including brows and lips and a conditioner afterwards to preserve the skins integrity.