Prenatal Massage Tips & Benefits

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase in every woman’s life and it’s a time for some pampering. Every pregnancy is different so a lot of women handle it hassle free but some go through a lot to bring a new life in the world. But every woman in this phase needs relaxation and peace of mind. Yes, prenatal massage is a very nice thing to opt for but you need to choose a trained therapist. The experts are aware of the certain techniques and strokes that are much needed for relaxation and relief. A lot of women suffer from back pain and fatigue during this phase so why not a prenatal massage?

Is prenatal massage for you? Look at the benefits

First, it is important to consult your gynaecologist to ensure whether you are allowed to go in for the massage or not. It’s best to opt for this massage from 5th month onwards because your body is changing and you might have discomforts in your body. The massage generally soothes your pain and gives a lot of relaxation during this time. Take a look at the benefits:

  • It reduces anxiety
  • The muscles are relaxed
  • Soothes the aches, mainly joint pains
  • Makes the lower back stronger and takes away the muscle tension
  • Takes away the tiredness and fatigue
  • Better supply of oxygen to the muscles and tissues
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Keeps the blood pressure very normal
  • Better labor outcome and a healthy baby

It is very important to maintain the best position during a prenatal massage. The abdomen protrudes out as the baby grows inside. So, it’s best to lie down sideways or with the back flat using some comfortable pillows and cushions. It’s best if you are visiting a clinic because they have all the modern amenities there which you might not have at home. If you are not able to travel then find a therapist who can arrange it for you at home.

Undressing – At your comfort

First of all, you need to visit our reputed massage parlor offering this massage or a prenatal therapist. If you are opting for a massage for the first time, you might feel a bit shaky about being undressed even infront of a female therapist. You can undress as much as you want and if you wish you can only be in your underwear too for this gentle massage session. You must enjoy this massage from deep within, it would do all good to you and the baby.

 Final words

 A prenatal massage mostly takes one hour or so and the price can vary on the therapist. Just go and extra mile, feel rejuvenated and relaxed. After the massage session, all your muscles are relaxed, you just experienced the best ambience where there is soothing music and scented candles. Do not get up immediately; give your body a bit more relaxation. Tell your therapist about the areas of pain in advance and also the areas where you feel uncomfortable. In some instance, it is not advisable to get a massage, mainly during skin infections, if you feel a burning sensation or in similar cases. Please don’t try the massage yourself. Pregnancy is very delicate but a phase that you must enjoy to the fullest. It’s best if you can get in touch with our licensed and certified massage therapist.

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