How can Dermaplaning improve your skin?

Removing unwanted hair from the body is now a very common trend not only in women but also men. Since years we have followed so many ways like plucking, waxing, shaving and even tweezing. Basically since ages the Egyptians loved to remove hair from all over their body and get a sleek look. If you are planning to book your first dermaplaning appointment at the Healing Breeze Clinic, know more about it and its benefits.

Why do you need dermaplaning?

It’s a very effective, a completely safe and painless process of exfoliation. At the Healing breeze Clinic, we have trained and licensed professionals who use a sterile scalpel to perform this procedure. They scrape along the outermost surface of the skin to remove dirt, dead skin, impurities and hair. This gives way for new skin cell development.

Both the beauticians and patients love the process of dermaplaning so it’s now one of the most accepted skin treatments at most beauty outlets. This procedure is a quick one and comes with no associated risks. In just one treatment your skin looks soft and bright. So here are the quick benefits:

  • Smoothes out rough skin
  • Skin looks bright
  • Mild scars and smoothened and not so visible
  • Heals hyperpigmentation
  • Lightens fine lines and wrinkles

How soon will I see dermaplaning results?

This process gives immediate results and it sometimes offers the same advantages as a light chemical peel without post-treatment peeling. Majority first-time dermaplaning clients are always very impressed with the results we offer. Our experts take time to complete the whole process with care and safely but usually the entire thing takes less than even half an hour.

The benefits explained

This is the best exfoliation method you must indulge in:

  • This process used no chemicals so it is not harsh for the skin
  • The skin looks flawless so it is easier to put on the makeup.
  • This process takes very less time and is very short
  • The blade used is tiny and this helps our professionals to focus on the specific area where the problem lies.
  • Old cells are removed so there is a scope of cell renewal. The skin is exfoliated so it gives way to proper penetration of skin care products.
  • The excess fine hairs on the surface of the skin are removed. These hairs are responsible for blemishes, acne, excess oil secretion and trapping of dirt.

Take precautions after dermaplaning

For the best results, it’s better to take precautions. Right after the treatment, the skin becomes sensitive so your skin might look pinkish after prolonged sun exposures so don’t forget to wear sunscreen with SPF 30.

Final words

Dermaplaning improves your skin condition in every aspect. Do not worry, the vellus hair won’t grow back gain thicker, this kind of hair is blonde and translucent and it won’t ever change into terminal hair which grows back. People who have severe acne prone skin and very thick facial hair must keep away from this process.  Over exfoliation is bad so take advice from our expert professionals about your second appointment after you have done the first one. If you are coming for the first time, we are here to decide whether it’s suitable for your skin or not. A lot of celebrities opt for this non-invasive process to take of peach fuzz. Get in touch with Healing Breeze Clinic and schedule an appointment TODAY !!

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