Five surprising benefits of Swedish Massage

Imagine being in a spa room where there is light music, dim lights, scented candles, the massage therapist pampering and you cocooned in a white towel. Being at a spa gives you a heavenly feeling and also comes with a number of benefits.

Any type of body massage is a complete relaxation and rejuvenation and there are so many types of massages, each having their own set of benefits. So, have you heard of Swedish massage? It’s a very well-known therapeutic category of massage. This massages mainly targets muscle relaxation, specially the superficial muscles and aids in blood circulation.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits if a Swedish massage:

  1. Managing pain – If you are suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis or sciatica, you might be going through severe pain and a Swedish massage is best for you. You need to discuss about the areas of pain with the therapist so that he/she can focus on the target areas using beneficial strokes for improving local blood circulation and reducing muscle tension. Swedish massage is best for pain management during sports injuries like sprained ankle etc. You need to talk to your therapist about how frequently you need to get a massage.
  2. Better blood circulation and relaxation – Swedish massage offers a lot of relaxation to the muscles and a normal session lasts for about 30 minutes or even 60 minutes. They use a comfortable massage table with cushions to offer utmost relaxation. It drains out the metabolic waste from the body aiding in better blood flow to all parts of the body. The therapists implement long strokes in the direction of the blood flow which easily removes the toxins and more oxygen is supplied to the body.
  3. Keeps depression and fatigue away – A recent study has proved that a Swedish massage is beneficial in keeping anxiety away in cancer patients. By this we can understand how effective Swedish massage is in relieving stress. If you are suffering from depression, a Swedish massage for 60-120 minutes is the best. It’s the magic of the experience of the therapist and of course the massage techniques that helps in lowering the cortisol hormone and increases the serotonin, aiding in keeping stress away and promoting a feel good factor.
  4. Added flexibility – To make your body more flexible, get Swedish massage on a regular basis. This is mainly very useful for individuals in the field of sports because a combination of stretching and Swedish massage is great for combating injuries related to work-outs. You feel relaxed and can indulge in more motion.
  5. Better immunity – A full functioning immune system is very crucial all your life and this one of the benefits of a Swedish massage. It does so much good to your body that your immune system becomes stronger day by day as you indulge in this therapy on a routine basis. You would gain better endurance power and would not fall sick frequently.


There are many centres across the city offering proper Swedish massage, choose a reliable one and start getting the service. A Swedish massage is an age-old technique for improving your physical and mental health. Visit our reputed center for the best massage experience.

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