Do you really need a Detox Body Wrap?

These days a lot of people are trying to lose weight, it’s a trend among people of all age group. People keen about losing weight are always different tools that can help in this mission. Exercise and diet are important but for faster results slimming detox body wraps help.

In our body, there are three layers of fat any with time toxins start accumulating between the three layers of fat. This hinders proper blood circulation, causes poor retention and the natural elimination procedure of the body becomes gradually weak. This is why you need a detox body wrapping.

Detox body warps

Detox body wraps are made from different types of products like seaweed, algae, clay, mud or gel and it pulls out toxins from the body. First, it’s applied to the body and it’s known as the body mask. After this, the experts wrap you in a plastic and a blanket for 20 minutes and this is known as a body wrap. The entire thing remains on the body for about 20-30 minutes, filling your body with lots of essential minerals. The mask is then washed off and a lotion is applied for soothing relief. A detox body wrap is effective when you feel like making alterations in your diet and try to reduce the toxic load. All these seaweeds, clays and muds are super effective so you must make up your mind about investing in it.

What Happens During A Body Wrap?

A body warps being with exfoliation, followed by a salt scrub or body polishing which is much better than dry brushing. It’s best if you can get it from an experienced massage therapist because they are experts who know the best massage techniques, better than estheticians. When you are wrapped, you feel warm and in the meantime, the experts give you a scalp massage. Once the time is over, the mask is taken off after unwrapping. The rooms are wet rooms having showers, wet table, and other facilities.

Are Body wraps really effective?

Body wraps have different uses like weight loss, fat loss, detoxifying, reducing cellulite, slimming and relaxation. Detox wraps can detoxify really well but they give you an impression of being slimmer because the skin gets tighter which is mostly due to dehydration. Sweating and dehydration promote very little weight loss. The skin takes a couple of days to return to its previous position. If you are looking for a true solution to shed those extra kilos, it’s all exercise, proper diet and motivation. Basically, there is not much evidence that inducing heat in the skin helps to burn, melt or liquidity body fat. If this would be true then more and more people would spend time in the sauna rather than hitting the gym. According to U.S Food and Drug Administration, they found no Clinical or scientific evidence that supports the use of detox body wraps for weight loss. These wraps don’t even reduce cellulite, bulging fat or spots. Fat loss or spot reduction is generally a myth because after you step out of the spa, you take food and you gain back again. Now, if you are thinking of cellulite, it’s just a technical name used in the market but it’s the same as fat. Make sure you are physically fit; get yourself tested before you start with the detoxification regime.


Before you decide for a body wrap, set your expectations as in what is the result you wish to achieve.  30 minutes of the wrap is only detoxification and not weight loss.  Consult our experts today and book an appointment NOW!

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