Imagine being in a spa room where there is light music, dim lights, scented candles, the massage therapist pampering and you cocooned in a white towel. Being at a spa gives you a heavenly feeling and also comes with a number of benefits. Any type of body massage is a complete relaxation and rejuvenation and there are so many types of massages, each having their own set of benefits. So, have you heard of Swedish
We are all so worried about our facial skin, more in the recent times of excessive stress, hectic lifestyle, various environmental conditions and pollution. Facials are non-invasive treatments for maintaining a beautiful facial skin that involves deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation and lots of skincare. A hydrating facial is mainly designed for dry skin and for those who are getting aged and the skin cannot retain the moisture because it involves intense hydration. It’s a
Skin ageing is not limited to age factor these days and this is why you might need an anti-ageing cream or a facial even before you reach your thirties. There is so much of pollution in the atmosphere, lifestyle, the UV rays, we hardly eat fresh organic stuffs and due to other environmental factors our skin duffers a lot and looks aged really fast. Again, skin ageing is caused due to a combination of environmental

Types of massages explained !

Posted by Healing Breeze on November 14, 2018
Category: Massages
Are you feeling bogged down after a hectic day at work? Just get into one of the nearest local spas and opt for a massage. Massaging is basically a therapy and a full body massage is the best thing one can experience after a hectic week. There are different types of massages and each has their own benefits. Massage offer relaxation of the body and soul, it’s a mode of recovery and fills your body
Skin care is a very tricky thing and it’s always customized because skincare depends on the skin type. Most of us are not blessed with a flawless skin but there is an immense desire to have a great skin. Basically there are 4 skin types namely: • Normal skin • Dry Skin • Oily Skin • Sensitive skin Each and every skin type has it own unique requirements. Taking good care is the secret to