Removing unwanted hair from the body is now a very common trend not only in women but also men. Since years we have followed so many ways like plucking, waxing, shaving and even tweezing. Basically since ages the Egyptians loved to remove hair from all over their body and get a sleek look. If you are planning to book your first dermaplaning appointment at the Healing Breeze Clinic, know more about it and its benefits.
Pregnancy is a wonderful phase in every woman’s life and it’s a time for some pampering. Every pregnancy is different so a lot of women handle it hassle free but some go through a lot to bring a new life in the world. But every woman in this phase needs relaxation and peace of mind. Yes, prenatal massage is a very nice thing to opt for but you need to choose a trained therapist. The
Reflexology has its own benefits mainly it has the ability to stimulate the nerves, boost blood circulation, increase the energy level, eliminates toxins and induces relaxation. Stress is a part and parcel of daily life and it can affect your daily life. Reflexology is not only about foot massage, this massage focuses on ears and hands so it’s a holistic massage. This massage gives good sleep, takes you out of depression and sorts of pain,
These days a lot of people are trying to lose weight, it’s a trend among people of all age group. People keen about losing weight are always different tools that can help in this mission. Exercise and diet are important but for faster results slimming detox body wraps help. In our body, there are three layers of fat any with time toxins start accumulating between the three layers of fat. This hinders proper blood circulation,
Clay mask is basically very beneficial for any skin type and this is why mud masking is around since ages. Clay remains a fundamental ingredient of skin care since ancient times but it was not so refined then. Clay has the superpower to pull out impurities just like charcoal and there are different types of masks for different skin types.  Bentonite clay is the very common type used in masks for capabilities including absorbing, tightening,