5 types of Clay mask and their Benefits

Clay mask is basically very beneficial for any skin type and this is why mud masking is around since ages. Clay remains a fundamental ingredient of skin care since ancient times but it was not so refined then. Clay has the superpower to pull out impurities just like charcoal and there are different types of masks for different skin types.  Bentonite clay is the very common type used in masks for capabilities including absorbing, tightening, pulling out impurities and acne-clearing. Then you have the Kaolin clay which comes in different color and has exfoliating properties. Some other types are Fuller’s earth, Rhassoul, and French Green.

Some benefits of clay mask

Oily skin looks and feels younger but what about the excess oil that gives a patchy look? Yes, little oil in the skin gives a glow but use clay mask according to your skin type so that your skin looks fresh without being excessively dry. Clay masks are safe for all skin types helping to increase the elasticity of the skin and treat signs of aging by being a barrier against acne.  Are you even aware that how much dirt and impurities accumulate on your skin in an entire day and even how much of toxins?  Clay mask is very effective in pulling out toxins, dead cells and restoring your skin. Clay is filled with natural minerals and as the mask is left on the skin, the nutrients are absorbed well making your skin smooth, supple and brighter.

The 5 types of clay mask and their benefits

  1. Kaolin clay – This clay works amazingly on all skin types and the most common type is the pink one. It is effective mainly skin that is prone to acne and for skin that tends to be sensitive, yellow or white is best.
  2. French Green – If you are searching for a clay mask that has awesome anti-aging properties, try this French Green clay mask. Masks made out of this clay is helpful in tightening pore, adding a glow to the skin, improves blood circulation and absorbs excess oil yet keeping skin supple, evens out skin tone and reduces inflammation.
  3. Bentonite clay – Do you have an oily skin and it bothers you like nothing? Why not try a mask made from Bentonite clay? This clay mask absorbs excess oil and pulls out toxins for the skin, therefore this is best for ones who have oily skin.
  4. Fuller’s Earth – This is very popular clay used in masks and this clay is derived from sediments of old volcanic ash. It absorbs oil really well and is well-known for its skin lightening properties, also aiding in brightening the skin tone. It helps to reduce redness and prepares your skin tone just perfect for evening occasions. It also detoxifies pores and aids on skin exfoliation.
  5. Rassoul clay – If you are dealing with ugly blackheads, use a clay mask that has Rassoul clay as the chief ingredient. It’s Moroccan clay that cleanses pores excellently pulling out impurities. It clams the ski, hydrates and works best for the sensitive and dry skin.


Apply clay mask after mixing with water, leave it on the skin for 15-20 minutes, it dries up and then rinse. The effects are better if you follow with a hydrating a toner. To get the most out of clay mask, sprinkle little water as it sits tight on your face and the mask would continue treating your skin. If you are not sure about applying at home, visit our professional experts for the perfect guidance.

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